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Products: Indoor Sports
Company Name: GuangZhou Trikke Sports Technology Co., Ltd. Free member
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Name: Mr. Leon Chen
Company Introduce: Feature
Simple design for TRIKKE sliding. there is a pedal at front of chair, which more closer for kids' skeleton exercise habit, to avoid over dragging by two feet and cause muscle fatigue and skeleton injury.
High quality
Aircraft grade aluminum alloy, durable and anti-crash, supporting the owner to use for over 10 years.


Company Profile
Founded in 2014, Guangzhou Trikke Sports Technology Co., Ltd. is the Asian headquarters of Trikke US and the global production bases.
Mr Gildo Beleski, a prominent California car engineer, had a special neighbour, Jimmy Carter, who was hailed as the best outgoing President in American history. The former President of US had a long history of neck and lumbar pain. Years later by driving Trikke sports car, the pain caused by neck and lumbar vertebra was alleviated and recovered gradually.
With the exclusive patented 3CV Technology (3points of contact with a cambering frame), Guangzhou Trikke is focus on excellent quality and outstanding performance with convenience and mobility.
Combining with Bone health, human kinematics and mechanical engineering for the design, Guangzhou Trikke dedicated to deliver the trike sports concept of Europe and America and the unique riding culture to the people who loves sports and green travel.
Since 2014, Guangzhou Trikke has launched several types of Highly practical traffic and entertainment tools for work commuting, life travel, recreation and sports relying on the technical support of Trikke US and Trikke European R&D Center, such as body-propelled vehicles, electric vehicles, Skki (a downhill snow vehicle) and kids carving vehicles, which provide private transportation solutions for transportation to deal with urban traffic congestion.
Trikke jet skiing and the proposed Trikke 3D Sports Park, which is being designed and developed, will also unveil the mysterious veil, bringing extraordinary entertainment and leisure fun to sports enthusiasts.
Trikke Technology
Trikke is the world expert in 3-point, standing, carving vehicles for commercial and recreational uses, fitness, and personal transportation. We have been listening to our enthusiasts since 2002 and refining and improving our vehicles' designs and performance for the best experience possible. From the freedom of movement that our vehicles offer to the portability, we hope that your experience - the user experience - surpasses your expectation. This is the goal of our technology.

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Address: Floor 5, No 40, Jinxiu Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 510730