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Company Name: Shenzhen Eigday Heating Limited Free member
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Name: Mr. Roger
Company Introduce: Food warming bag for travel use in car
1)Electronic heater
2)Pizza and catring supplier, traveling & camping
3)Low cost, OEM
Food warming bag for travel use in car
Insulated heat food bag
Heat food bag
Hot insulated food bag
Portable food warmer bag
Food heating bag
Hot food carry bags
Insulated food delivery bags
Keep food warm bag
New travel insulated food warmer bag use both in car and at home
1) From now on, you can a nice hot drink or food while driving For a holiday or vacation.
2) Your electronic heater is a must for any period of time While you are behind the steering wheel. The company's car heater is spacious enough to hold ample drinks and Food for a trip lasting a couple of days. This Electronic Bag product solve the problem that you can't heat The food or beverage when you drive car or travel. It adapt Car or AC power to heat with constant temperature, It is ideal product in house or in trip.
3) The unique and low cost heat travel bag plugs into any 12V lighter socket with a minimum power output of 6 AMPS, You can use also 110/220 V with connector plug(Not Include). It's ideal for carrying take-away meals, sandwiches, cold drinks or fruit and comes with a convenient carrying handle.
4) Grate idea promotion idea for companies and, promotion use, Pizza and catring suppliers, traveling & camping.
Low cost, OEM Colors, sizes and logo are welcome.
5) We produce variety of portable&rechargeable heating products from delivery food heating bag, outdoor heating blanket, special design outdoor heating equipments. For outdoor people who still wants to has the benefits of fir thermal heating, Change how we store and serve food,
Promote good health and safety, Increase personal comfort, Protect temperature sensitive materials, Promote energy

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Address: 3fl, B8 Building, Tianrui Industry Area, Fuhai Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518108