Introduceclear extruded acrylic tube

Acrylic (pmma) tube has good advantages of high transparency, high hardness, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, surface smoothness.

Extruded Acrylic Tube
Outside Dia.: 6-250mm
Wall Thickness: 1-10mm
Length: 1000mm/2000mm or any length
Color: Transparent; white

Cast Acrylic Tube
Outside Dia.: 100-1500mm
Wall Thickness: 4-25mm
Length: 1000mm/2000mm/3000mm or any length
Color: Transparent; white


1.Excellent transparency.
  colorless transparent plexiglass sheet, light transmittance areup to 92%.
2. Good climate endurance.
    Strong adaptability under natural environment,  it  retain perfect performance, even if long time in sunlight, wind and rain shower.
3. Excellent processability. Suitable for both mechanical processing and easy thermoforming, acrylic PMMA virgin can be using for dyeing, painting, silk-screen printing or vacuum coating.
4. Excellent comprehensive performance. the comprehensive performance provides designers multiple choices.
5. Non-toxic .it's harmless for people, even if exposure for a long-term and do not produce poisonous gas combustion when burning.
6.Strong resistance impulse, 16 times compare with common glass, suitable for installation in special need safety zone.
7.Strong Plasticity, variety model changing , easy processing &forming.
8.Convenience maintenance , easy to clean.
9.Good secondary operation. Organic glass suitable for secondary processing, such as mechanical processing, hot plastic molding, blow molding, plastic clamshell, solvent agglutination, hot stamping, silk screen printing, etc.
10. High light transmission. Organic glass has high light transmittance thermoplastic,  above 91% for the visible light transmittance.


1. Acrylic handle/handle rail for door/window/stair…
2. Lighting decoration /accessory in bar/lamp covering…
3. Making gift items/crafts.
4. Used in water slideway, fish tank (aquarium), wastewater treatment…
5. Exhibition/display.

MOQ: 200kg; Payment 30%TT inadvance ,others after the B/L ; prices negotiable  

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