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Company Name: Xiamen Sun Lion Technology Co., Ltd. Free member
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Name: Miss Bella
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ISO13485 Factory Directly Customized FDA CE RoHS Air Relax Massage Compression Recovery Boots VU-IPC02 for Athletes
In The Days of Heathy Care, We Improve Blood & Lymph Circulation

Dear Visitors,

Today, let's talk about pain muscles post workout and Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager. Pain muscles will influence athletes' body performance and their game achievements.

Here we may to ask, can we do someting to improve these or just watch and sigh for the situation? No, we can do just more than watching. We can give athletes a rapid recovery from pain muscles post workout, to keep a good  body state for good performance.

In the name of love, for athletes who want rapid recovery to help them to performance better, let me introduce you this product: Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager VU-IPC02.

The Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager is good for:
Increase blood circulation to muscles
Reduce exercise-induced swelling
Promote consistent recovery
Metabolize carbon dioxide
Facilitate protein synthesis
Alleviate inflammation
Mobilize metabolites
Improve circulation
Flush lactic acid
Mitigate edema
Speed healing
Specifications of Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager:

How Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager works:
Then how does this Air Recovery Pump Compression Massage System works to provide rapid recovery for muscles, you may ask, here is the secret:
The leg air compression boots could provides 3 types of different massage programs:
A. improve venous outflow and arterial inflow
B. improves circulation and helps mobilize lymph fluid, lactic acids, mutabotites and carton dioxide.
C. alternating rapid recovery for athletes muscles post workout

Plus full leg compression wrapping for deep massage

After massage by the Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager, it accelerates the metabolism of lactic acid, reduce the pain caused by lactic acid, helping athletes rapid recovery muscles after exercise.

Cuff Size guide:

Now , how about to contact me immediately for more detailed information about Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager?

Customer Feedbacks about Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager:

Quality Certificates:
Don't hesitate, our Air Pressure Recovery Pump Boots Massager can eliminate lactic acid effectively, CE & RoHS certificate.

Quality Assurance:
And we assure you one year after-sale quality assurance for machine.

If we share the same mind to help these people, why not just kindly give me an inquiry now and let's discuss further?

Best Regards

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Address: Unit 202, 2nd Floor, No. 901, Meifeng South Road, Binhai West Road, Science and Technology Innovation Park, Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone