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Products: Indoor Sports
Company Name: Jiangyin Erba Industries Co., Ltd. Free member
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Name: Miss Tina Fung
Company Introduce: Specifications
Carpet belt for bowling parts (e. G. Brunswick bowling and AMF bowling)
1. Carpet belts for AMF: 1, 480 x 1, 977mm
2. Carpet belts for Brunswick: 1, 440 x 2, 020mm
3. Thickness: 2.5mm, 3.00mm, 3.5mm
Bowling Parts
Brunswick bowling parts
Carpet Belt
Urethane, 3mm
Good quality, durable
Bunswick GS-98 Bowling Parts
1. Reliable quality
2. Good price
3. Excellent after service
Jiangyin erba industries co., ltd. Is a professional factory specialized in various rubber belts and other sports products, in this industry for more than 10 years. Have more than 100 lanes equipment are available in our warehouse.
7-15 days after receiving the deposit
Product Description
Light conveyor belt by the special treatment of polyester filament fabric as bearing skeleton, single-sided or double-sided coated rubber or PVC, PU, PE for loading and surface or the driving surface of composite, with high strength, extension, flexure, wide working temperature, stable operation, long service life. Mainly used in food, tobacco, electronics, printing, packaging, textile and other light carrier material conveying; Food, tobacco, electronics, printing, packaging, textiles, printing and dyeing, chemical, postal, tanning, metallurgy, etc. Contained in the material conveying; Chemical industry, postal services, building materials, metallurgy and other heavy material conveying.
Green conveyor belt for general use; White or transparent complies with the food sanitation standards; Black and dark green with antistatic requirements, volume resistance is less than or equal to 108 ohm cm.
The conveyor frame layer has at least one to two layers of polyester filament with rigid weft knitted fabrics, special requirements can be made of soft fiber;
The rubber abrasion degree is less than or equal to 0.05cm3/1.61km; Polyester filament fabric tensile strength more than 1250kgf/cm2; The tensile elongation is less than or equal to 20%;
The width of conveyor belt width over production range, using cold glue bonding;
The special case of the joint can adopt steel buckle connection;
The above is a regular product, special requirements please come to sample processing

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